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Marysol James was raised in a small town in Canada and is still a small-town girl at heart. She's a non-practicing alcoholic (she's been sober since 2004), cancer survivor and a hardcore coffee-lover. She worked in publishing for 15 years, first as a featured writer, then as the editor of business supplements in a weekly newspaper, then as the editor-in-chief of a monthly lifestyle magazine.


She lived in China and Hong Kong for five years and travelled extensively: all over China, to India, Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam and Bangladesh. Currently, she lives in Europe with her husband and their two sons. They're three of the most important men in her life and provide her with coffee, encouragement and time to write. They're also great hug-givers.

Marysol crosses genres in her writing, happily and enthusiastically. To date, she's published 17 Contemporary Romances spread over four different series, including the Amazon best selling 'Unseen Enemy' and 'Dangerous Curves' series.


Besides her steamy, sexy, slinky romances, Marysol also writes crisp, clever, contemporary literature.  Her Contemporary Literature publications include 'Stone Princess', a collection of short stories and two full-length novels, 'What Happened That Day' and 'Bringing Her Home'. These novels are the first two books in Marysol's Nakasee Lake trilogy. The third book, called 'Thunderbirds', will be published in late 2015. She loves moving between the worlds of magical realism and glorious romance, and she's grateful every day to be able to do both.












When Emma Cartwright gets some very (very) bad health news, she handles it in just about the last way that anybody who knows her would expect. Namely, she heads out alone to a bar on Friday night, intent on having her first-ever one-night-stand. A single night of escape with a scorching guy, and then she’ll focus on her treatment and recovery. After all, what’s one night, really?


Ever since coming back from Afghanistan two years ago, Dean Jessop’s life is all about ‘just one night’. No commitment; nothing permanent; nothing long-term. He meets Emma and one night of hot sex later, she sneaks out of Dean’s place while he sleeps – and they both think that’s it. Neither expects to see the other ever again.


A month later, a chance encounter brings them back in to each other’s lives. They strike an agreement which includes: casual sex only, nothing too personal, and they can end it anytime with a single word. What Emma and Dean don’t count on is developing strong and real feelings for each other, despite Emma hiding her disease and Dean running from his guilt.


When Dean finally tells Emma what happened in Afghanistan, she wonders if she can confess her own dark secret. But can she really expect him to forgive her for hiding her illness from him? If she tells him the truth, will he be there for her through it all? And can she help him make peace with his own demons?


Gorgeous Olivia Jameson truly has the quintessential supermodel life: fame, fortune and fans. The problem is that one fan is having some serious trouble with respecting boundaries – and has crossed over the line in to stalker territory. When his obscene and frightening texts escalate and he ends up standing in her living room, Olivia turns to Dallas for protection.


Dallas Foreman is a large, muscular, tattooed ex-sniper who now runs his own bodyguard service.  Olivia asks for his help and he doesn’t hesitate for even an instant; he has had a thing for her for years, after all. Although he’d love to take her to his bed and make love to her until she forgets her fear, his priority is to keep her safe. So Dallas resolves to keep his hands off Olivia… at least until the stalker is caught.


When Dallas starts to suspect that the person threatening Olivia is far closer to her than anyone originally thought, he races against time to figure out who among her trusted circle wishes her harm. But when the stalker hurts the woman that he loves, will Dallas be able to save her without losing the most human part of himself? And if she comes out of this alive, will Olivia be able to trust in anyone ever again – including Dallas?

Six years ago, Jennifer Sawyer survived a hellish experience. Despite it all, she’s managed to get her life back on track: she owns a successful restaurant, she has good female friends, and she’s found ways to enjoy her life. But no men; no men, not ever. Well, except for Chris. He’s the first man that she’s trusted since, and even he isn’t allowed to touch her. But when Jenny decides that she’s ready to explore sex surrogacy as part of her recovery, the list of men’s names to approach for help is short. It’s exactly one name long, actually.


Chris Brooker is a former Ranger, now working as a mechanic for a guy with motorcycle club connections (well, maybe). Chris is in love with Jenny and has been for a while, but he’s never so much as touched her baby finger. He may not know exactly what happened to her, but he knows it was bad. When she asks for his help, he’s torn between wanting to do anything at all for Jenny to make her better, and his instinct to do anything at all to avoid scaring her.


Slowly, carefully, Jenny and Chris fight together for every inch of intimate ground that can possibly be gained. As time passes, their relationship changes, but is she ready for that? Will she ever be ready for that? And if she is, will Chris be the man that Jenny can turn to… not just for support, but for love?


Katherine Lawrence is a woman who has set up her whole life to make sure that she doesn’t officially exist anywhere. She has a packed suitcase by her door, she changes her hair color every two weeks, she never shares anything from her past. When Kat’s forced to spill her secrets to a group of ex-Rangers and an ex-sniper, it’s Jim who’s tasked with keeping her safe… and keeping her away from the bus station.


Suspicious, surly and secretive in his own right, Jim Alden has the strongest urge to strangle Kat for her refusal to trust him – and he also longs to kiss her until her knees give out from under her. When Kat’s past is revealed, Jim fights like hell to convince this tough, exasperating, hurt woman that he can protect her, and that she can stop running for the first time in years.


But sometimes the past doesn’t stay there; sometimes the past doesn’t stop looking for you. When Kat’s past threatens her present – and the lives of her friends – she’s ready to run straight in to a future full of fear and loneliness. Can she stay this time, though? Can she be safe and cherished? And can Jim convince her to stay with him… in his life and in his bed?

Twelve years ago and in one fell swoop, Hunter Sullivan lost everything that meant anything to him. Since then, his life has been about work and detachment and keeping his distance. He had his chance at love and a good life, and he failed to protect it… that’s his punishment and that’s OK. Or it was OK – until he met Cordelia at work. Suddenly, no matter how many walls Sully throws up around his heart, she brings them down with a single shining, perfect smile.


Cordelia Patton has a tough life: she’s a single mother, her son is ill, she works full-time. But by far her biggest challenge still lies ahead of her. When her boss sends her and Hunter undercover as a married couple to bust a child kidnapping ring, she has to stomp down hard on her desire for the coldest, most distant and shut-down man she’s ever known. After all, Hunter’s made it clear that he has no interest in her…


Alone and depending solely on each other, Sully and Cordelia try to keep work and personal feelings separate. But when they break the kidnapping ring wide open and one criminal gets away, they’re both in danger – the kind of danger that may once again take away everything that Sully has come to love.

Nine weeks ago, Selena Perez voluntarily underwent a double mastectomy to save her life. Despite it being her choice (well, kind of), she's now struggling with her body image and her femininity. The last thing that she needs is a man, even if he is dark, dangerous and devastatingly sexy... and will do anything to get her.


Three years ago, Luke Rhodes lost his left hand in Afghanistan. Now, he barely thinks about it as he goes about his daily life as a cook and bartender at Dangerous Curves. After all, he has most everything that he wants... everything except Selena.


The depth and breadth of their passion takes them both by surprise, and Selena surrenders to Luke completely. What she doesn't know is that Luke is hiding something from her. Well, not something - someone. Worse, this someone threatens to destroy all of Selena's belief in the man that she's trusted with her body - and her heart.

Five years ago, Doctor Francine Cabot left Canada, looking for a new start. She moved to Denver, and she now dedicates her life to helping women and children move beyond trauma that they’ve suffered at the hands of men. She’s smart, and strong, and has more than a hint of sass – and all of that makes her undeniably attractive to two men. One is safe and steady; the other one most definitely is not.


Mark Hayden is a former trauma doctor, former battle surgeon, now a bodyguard and Number Two at Solid Security. He’s dedicated his life to protecting and helping others, and he makes it his mission to step in between danger and anyone threatened by it. He’s interested in Francine – every inch of his muscular, hulking frame is interested – but she’s in someone else’s sights, too. Someone not nearly as safe as Mark, someone who wishes her serious harm.


When Francine disappears in to a blizzard, taken by a man that she helped to put in jail years before, Mark’s instinct is to find her at all costs. As Mark races against time, his search for the woman that he loves will mean pushing his boundaries, both personal and professional. If he blows past those boundaries, and he takes a life out of revenge and rage, will he be able to come back to himself? And if that lonely mountain cabin becomes Francine’s final resting place, will he even care if he never comes back?

John 'Griff' Griffin is a man who plays by the rules - always and forever. No exceptions, no extenuating circumstances, no way and no how. This was his attitude in the navy and in the SEALs, and it's his attitude now as he works as a bodyguard at Solid Security. No straying outside the lines, no getting creative with protocol. Definitely no crossing boundaries where the subject of a honeypot op is concerned. After all, staying safe in dangerous situations is all about staying in control - and Griff knows first-hand that life is full of dangerous situations.


What he doesn't know is that in his life, the most dangerous situation by far is Claire Worthington.


A spoiled, selfish rich bitch who helped her ex-husband run a billion-dollar Ponzi scheme, Claire is hiding out from the press and angry former investors. Except - she's not living like a woman with a massive escape fund stashed away in offshore accounts. She's also not living like a woman with one foot out the door. No, she's living her life in Denver like... she means it. Like she's happy. Like she's starting again, but humbly and on her own terms.


When Griff decides to break his own rules and fall for Claire, it's the best, most liberating decision that he's ever made. It's also the riskiest, seeing as he's lying to her about everything: his name, his job, the fact that he's been sent to get close to her and gather information. If he told her the truth, would she forgive him? Should she forgive him? And what if she's a criminal on-the-run after all? Will Griff care? Or will he turn on and turn in the woman that he's come to love?


BONUS!! This book includes a generous sneak peek of 'The Devils' Scars' the first book in my upcoming new series, 'The Road Devils MC'. I've shared the first FOUR CHAPTERS at the end of the book - so enjoy!

I still love to read (and write!) fairy tales...
they are just a little dirtier now.









Nick Spencer has a pretty great life: hefty tips from hot women at the bar, lots of devastating flirting and come-ons, followed up by sex with no strings. Quick, casual, easy, gone with the sunrise – that’s his life and that’s how he likes it. Until the night that Mia Ferris walks in to the bar. Nick doesn’t know it, but this night is going to change everything.


Mia’s a writer, an optimist, a woman who speaks for those who have no voice. When her casual night out goes frighteningly wrong, it’s Nick who saves her. He stays with her, brings her home, and puts her in his own bed. To his utter shock, he finds himself attracted to this sweet, tough, smart woman.


When her newest book takes her in to the dangerous world of sex trafficking, Mia’s sure that she can take care of herself. But then she ends up in a deadly situation, alone and terrified. Can Nick get to her in time? And if he does, will Mia be able to recover from the betrayal of people she trusted… including Nick?

When Katie Lloyd finds out that her stepfather is dying, she’s determined to get to him, no matter what. Thwarted by transportation problems and challenged by bad weather, she ends up having to accept help from the one person she can’t imagine being trapped in a car with on a five-day road trip: Adam Pierce. He’s huge, muscled, arrogant and ferocious, and Katie and Adam have done nothing but argue since the moment they first laid eyes on each other. But desperate times call for desperate measures… and Katie is desperate.


Adam may admire Katie’s talent as a photographer, but she’s also the most frustrating and stubborn woman he’s ever met. When an accident reveals Katie’s shocking dark past to him, Adam changes from aggressor to protector. No matter what it takes, he’s resolved to get her home to face the man who made her childhood a living hell. And then, afterwards – if Katie will let him in and close – Adam wants to be there to help her pick up the pieces. In the bedroom and outside of it.

Reena Mackay has just been taken advantage of – yet again. This time, the result is that she’s out several thousands of dollars and may have nowhere to live come this weekend. So when Adam and Nick introduce her to Mitch Corrigan, a pro athlete who trains at their club and who’s desperate to move out of the roach hotel he’s stuck in, Reena agrees to live with the tall, muscular, ferocious kickboxer.


Mitch is a man with a rough past, a man who’s almost at the top of a violent profession, and who has a thing for leggy, dark-eyed brunettes. Nobody is more surprised than Mitch himself when he develops a burning attraction to delicate, blonde, blue-eyed Reena: the primal part of him longs to slay a dragon for her, save her from a dark knight, sweep her up in his arms and carry her back to his castle.


But Mitch knows that this is real life, not a fairy tale, and women like Reena never go for guys like him. What he doesn’t know is that Reena understands true brutality and violence all too well; that her continuing faith in people is actually an astounding act of courage; that in her own way, she’s as strong as he is.


When a golden Prince Charming hurts Reena badly, it’s Mitch who’s there to make her feel safe again. But is that enough for her to be vulnerable with another man – especially a man like Mitch? And if she does let him in, will Reena and Mitch get their happy-ever-after (or even happy-just-for-now)?

Two years ago, Maggie Branson walked in on her boyfriend having sex with another woman. Maggie dumped him on the spot and never looked back; she had no intention of ever laying eyes on his cheating ass again. But now she has no choice and needs to accept a commission from him. She decides to do the damn work, collect her sky-high fee, and get away from him, as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, he seems to have other ideas…


Two years ago, Joe Carlisle was an arrogant, womanizing dickhead - and now he knows it. When Maggie finally agrees to do the sculptures for his new restaurant, he sees this as a second chance with the woman that he shouldn’t have let get away, as an opportunity to show her that he’s changed. Unfortunately, she has no interest whatsoever in offering him anything… least of all a shot at redemption.


When tragedy comes in to Maggie’s life, it’s Joe who’s there to hold her hand and pull her through the darkness. But is that enough for her to forgive all the history between them? Should she try again with Joe; could she try again with Joe? Or are some things just not possible to forgive, or forget?


This is the last book in the ‘Fighting For Love’ series and it’s all about happily-ever-afters for everyone! Well, not at first, and the HEA’s don’t come easy for anyone.


Mia Ferris and Nick Spencer are struggling to get Nick back on two feet after him losing part of his left leg to amputation – then they struggle to reclaim their relationship, outside of the bedroom and inside of it. If they can stick together and talk to each other, they may have a chance at making it… but will Nick let Mia see him so vulnerable?


Katie Lloyd and Adam Pierce are struggling to get pregnant – then they struggle with the knowledge that Katie’s abusive childhood has quite probably stolen that dream away from them. Adam wants to be a father more than anything on earth, and if Katie can’t give him that, will they be able to stay together?


Reena MacKay and Mitchell Corrigan are delighted that the trial is over – but now they’re struggling to allocate the two million dollars that Reena has received in the court judgment. As she discovers, there’s no shortage of women and children who need that kind of support. She has some hard decisions to make… and if she chooses well, she can really help to change lives.


Maggie Branson is still reeling from the death of her mother, and Joe Carlisle has made it his life’s mission to pull her through this dark time. God knows, Joe has lots to make up to Maggie… yes, he cheated on her years ago, but he insists that he’s a new man. But is it true that once someone’s a cheater, they’re always a cheater? Or is Joe truly committed to Maggie – all the way?


Eight individuals, four couples, and far, far too many emotions, dramas and problems. With this much that can go wrong, can anything be expected to go right? With this much strife, can anybody truly expect an HEA?


Oh, hell, yeah. Yeah, they can.


If they’re willing to fight for one.





















Jax Hamill is a man who has changed his life – with lots of hard work and even more dumb luck. He’s left the hell of his younger and wilder days behind, and now he has a bar, a house, a truck, and a bike. Oh, and all the casual sex in a bar back room that a man like him may desire. Jax lives his carefree life for ‘now’, and keeps things ‘temporary’. At least he did…until she threw everything he thought in to question.


Sarah Matthews is a woman who would love to change her life in some ways. By default and sheer bad luck, she juggles a staggering number of responsibilities, both personal and professional. She’s single, stressed, and seriously in need of some fun. If only she could escape her overly-scheduled, vanilla life, and cut loose… just for a little while.


When Jax and Sarah decide to get together – just temporarily and just for fun – it changes both of their lives for the better. But when a man from Sarah’s past returns, it changes everything for the worse. In fact, it couldn’t be worse. As Sarah fights to come back to him, Jax is forced to confront the kind of person he was, who he is now, and the kind of man that he wants to be… both for Sarah, and for himself.


Meet Naomi Abbott: a former successful painter, she now runs a non-profit art program for autistic adults. She’s intelligent, and beautiful, and kind. Oh, and she’s also an alcoholic in her first year of recovery. Naomi’s working on many tough things in her life – things that can knock the breath out of her body at just a thought – and the last thing she can cope with right now is romance. A man would upset everything she’s trying to accomplish… especially that man.


Meet Matt ‘King’ Kingston: a hulking, scowling, muscular ex-Marine who has a garage with clients that include MC members, and who runs some shady special-ops group. He’s gorgeous, and generous, and sex on legs. Oh, and he’s completely and totally in lust and love with Naomi. Despite his best efforts to get close to her – hell, she won’t even accept a simple dinner invitation! – she’s holding back for reasons he can’t begin to comprehend. But King isn’t a man who takes no for an answer…and he’s determined to get Naomi to say yes.


As they get to know each other, Naomi finds herself wondering if she can trust Matt with her deepest, darkest secrets. As she lowers her walls and starts to let him in, Matt helps her heal and believe in herself – and in him. But when Naomi goes in to a tailspin, will she find the inner strength to get through it in one piece? And if she comes back to him, will King’s love still be there waiting for her?


Gabriela Torres was definitely in the wrong place at the wrong time – and she kind of witnessed a brutal murder. Scared and panicking, she hides out at Dangerous Curves and lays low, trying to get her head together. After all, chances are that the killers didn’t even twig that she was there, right? Well, unfortunately, they know it perfectly well. When it becomes clear that Gabi is a hunted woman, the Curves guys step up to protect her… and nobody does so faster than the tough, sweet man that Gabi is secretly in love with.


Aidan Carter has longed for Gabi for three long years and when she moves in with him, he finally has her – in his arms, in his heart, in his bed. He promises to keep her safe, but when the Fallen Angels MC decides that all loose ends need to be tied up, Aidan realizes that promises aren’t nearly enough. When the woman that he loves is plunged in to the worst kind of blackness, Aidan has no idea if she’ll ever fully emerge. Will Gabi be trapped in that cold, dark place forever… or will Aidan’s love be enough to bring her back and warm her?

Four years ago, Miranda Campbell, née Kane, walked away from Shane MacIntyre, the only man that she’s ever loved. It wasn’t her choice – she did it to keep him from getting brutally killed – and it wasn’t easy. Since then, she’s worked to rebuild her life alone and looking over her shoulder. When she runs in to Shane and he demands an explanation, Mirrie knows that time has run out and she needs to tell Shane everything: why she ran, what she’s afraid of, who she is… and who she was.


Shane ‘Mac’ MacIntyre is a man who doesn’t take anything seriously except for his job. Definitely not women, most definitely not relationships. The only woman he ever loved left him without a word and since then, his life is a revolving door of one-nighters. When Mirrie reappears, Mac fights to make it safe for her to come back to him. But even as Mac willingly faces down the monsters that almost destroyed Mirrie, he doesn’t know if he’ll survive them. And if he does, he doesn’t know if Mirrie will ever forgive him for taking that risk.

Curtis Manning is a huge, scowling, almost-silent ex-boxer and ex-soldier who now bounces at Dangerous Curves. A tough-as-hell childhood has left him not the slightest bit interested in commitment or relationships – or at least, he wasn’t interested before Tessa showed up at Curves, all blonde curls, and emerald-gold eyes, and hot, lush body. Since he first laid eyes on her, Curtis has been in love with Tessa… but now the woman that he loves is on self-destruct, and he’ll do anything to help her. Even walk away from her forever, if it means that she’ll get healthy.


Tessa Mahoney is a tall, curvy ex-ballet dancer who now waitresses at Curves. A tough-as-hell childhood has left her with an overwhelming need to control everything in her topsy-turvy, chaotic life… including every morsel of food that she puts in to her mouth. She’s determined to get back to 99 pounds – and she’s willing to do anything at all to make that happen. Even damn near starve herself to death, if it means that she feels in control for the first time in a long time.


When Curtis forces Tessa to face what she’s doing to herself, he expects to never see her again. Instead, she forgives him, and everything that Curtis has ever wanted with and for Tessa comes true. But when the man who took Curtis’ mother away from him returns, and threatens Tessa, Curtis faces some hard, ugly truths about himself. Once Tessa sees those things in Curtis, will she be able to forgive him? And even if she does, will Curtis be able to forgive himself?

Eight months ago, Warren ‘Derby’ Kane took a wrong turn. He set foot on a dark, twisted road without really understanding what he was doing, and now his life is messed up beyond all belief and recognition. Trapped for life as a patched-in member of the Fallen Angels MC and hell-bound by the orders of the club President, Warren’s on a road to nowhere, speeding to a dead end. What he doesn’t know is that that road is leading him to somewhere – or rather, to someone. It’s leading him to the one person who will make his life worth living… assuming he can convince her not to hate him.


Six years ago, Shaylene Alcott blackmailed her way out of the Highway Hellions MC, and since then, has fought like hell to build a life as far from the outlaw biker world as possible. When she’s kidnapped by the Fallen Angels and stuck all alone in a cabin with Warren, her worst nightmare comes to life. She hates and fears anything and everything to do with depraved, violent monsters like him… now if she can only convince herself that Warren actually is a depraved, violent monster.


When Warren and Shay realize that they have far more in common than they ever thought possible, they realize a few other things, too… most crucially, that they’ve been given a chance to choose their own lives for the first time in a long, long time. But will they choose a life together, always on the run from the Fallen Angels? And if they do make that choice, how long will it be before the demons of the past come knocking, looking for revenge and restitution?

Ten years ago, Liam ‘Spider’ Valance’s eyes first met Ace Cuddy’s in the worst possible place in the world: in the Fallen Angels motorcycle club bar. Ace’s club, surrounded by Ace’s one-percenter MC brothers, who’d kill them both in a heartbeat if they knew that Liam and Ace were gay.


Three years later, Ace was tapped as club Vice-President, and he ended things with Spider to keep them both safe. He walked away from the only person who really, truly knew him and loved him, and returned to a life of hiding and lies. Ace made that choice, and he made sure that Liam hated him for it… and Liam did. He still does, mostly.


But now Ace has royally screwed up, and his life and Liam’s are both in grave danger. The solution? For them to be stashed together in a safe house, until the coast is clear… much to Ace’s delight, and Liam’s disgust.


Ace sees this as a second chance with the man that he should never have left; Liam sees it as his personal definition of hell. Ace wants to make things right, any way that he can; Liam just wants Ace to go away. Now.


Is there such a thing as a second chance romance? A second chance at living the right life? A second chance at figuring out who you are, and who you love, and who you want to be?


Ace thinks so, and he’s going to fight like hell for all of those chances, and more. He’s ready to fight for everything.


Even if his biggest opponent is the man that he loves more than his own life.







Annie Matthews is (in decreasing order of attractiveness to the opposite sex): a too-curvy redhead now going gray, a waitress in a greasy spoon diner, a single mother, and pushing fifty. She’s resigned to being alone, and is instead celebrating her children’s lives and successes, their relationships and careers. What she is definitely not doing is thinking about a hot young doctor who says her name the way that she’s always wanted it said, who brings a touch of glamor and color to her boring life.


Doctor Sam Innis has been in love with Annie since he laid eyes on her three years ago. She has no idea, of course, and when an accident brings her back into his E.R., Sam isn’t going let her get away again. She’s his light and his life, his princess in his personal fairy tale – and nothing is going to keep them apart this time.


Well –  nothing except an evil witch, a sweet pea, and a quest that demands bravery, honor, and sacrifice. A pretty tall order for the modern world… is it too tall for Annie and Sam? Or will they fight dragons and despair and claim their happily-ever-after?






Cool, professional, and always in control, Julie Everett's perfect New York life is rocked when she inherits a Colorado horse ranch from her late father - a man she's never known. Then one horrible Monday takes away her job, fiancé, and choices, and she gets on the plane to Open Skies Ranch. After all, a quick sale would be ideal...


When Jake Weston hears that the spoiled daughter of his former employer is coming to accept her inheritance, he's furious. What does a city party girl know about horses, or running a hotel, or anything at all? With every muscled inch of his body, he's determined to give Julie a hard time and punish her presumption and arrogance.


Jake soon realizes that what he's heard about Julie doesn't add up, and he decides to find out the truth. What he doesn't expect to uncover is a vulnerable woman, looking to be loved for once in her life. Their passion sizzles hotter than anything either one has ever known before - but can Jake convince Julie that loving him is safe?

It’s been one month since Tamara Jenkins was attacked in an alley in New York. She’s at Open Skies Ranch with her best friend Julie Everett, in an attempt to regroup and recover. But it’s not going well, to say the least: Tammy barely eats or sleeps, and all of the sass and spark has faded from her violet eyes.


To everyone’s surprise, Rob Cathay is the only person who can get through to her. Muscular, handsome and kind, Rob is fighting a mighty attraction to Tammy. Despite his raging desire to rip off her clothes and take her to his bed, anything that he wants must come second to what she needs.


Tammy knows that she must recover the memory of her attack before someone else gets hurt. But that means facing down her demons, and making peace with something primal and dark that refuses to leave her be. Can Rob help Tammy move past her trauma and take comfort in his arms? And can she teach him to embrace his passionate, wild side?

Vicky Thompson has secrets – big ones, and lots of them. She knows it’s wrong of her to start working at Open Skies and not tell anyone the truth, but she doesn’t have a choice. It’s not just herself that she’s protecting. All she’s asking for is a chance… just one chance to start again.


By contrast, Phil Dobson is nothing but totally open and honest about where he’s come from: he’s known neglect and violence and alcoholism, but he’s built a new life for himself. He’s steady and strong and stable, and he always knows when someone is hiding something. And Vicky is hiding a lot.


As their attraction builds, Vicky is torn: if she gives in to her desire, shouldn’t she tell Phil about her past? But if she tells him all the things that have happened and that she’s done, she’ll surely lose him. Or maybe – just maybe – he’ll understand and want to protect her. But what if even Phil can’t keep her safe from the human monster who hunts her?


Three years ago, Annabeth Wheeler’s husband Cam died in a car accident. Since then, she’s forged a career writing about grief and coping with loss. The problem is that Annabeth isn’t actually coping very well. She’s coping so badly, in fact, and feels like such a fraud that she has decided to end her own life. She goes to Open Skies Ranch to prepare her third book for publication, knowing that once it’s done, she’ll be free to end it all.


Three years ago, Eric Neilson was shot in the chest and told that his only hope was a heart transplant. He beat the odds – and he’s now at Open Skies to meet the wife of the man whose heart is now beating in his chest. He only plans to see Annabeth, shake her hand, maybe have a casual coffee. He certainly has no intention of telling her who he is.


On Annabeth’s last night, she asks Eric to stay and make love to her: she needs to do one last life-affirming thing, to feel alive just for a little while. Eric is resistant, but he knows now that Annabeth is not really healing or moving on, and stays with her to offer comfort. What neither of them count on is developing real, strong feelings for each other.


As they begin to fall in love, Eric grapples with the knowledge that he must tell her the truth. But if he does, won’t he lose her forever? Or maybe Annabeth will find it in her heart to forgive him… maybe it’s possible that together, they will both finally have a happy ending?


This is the last book in the ‘Open Skies’ series and it’s all about happily-ever-afters for everyone! Well, for almost everyone…


Love is in the air

The time is fast approaching for Julie Everett and Jake Weston’s wedding. It’s kind of incredible to think that these two once despised each other, isn’t it? But life is all about surprises – and Julie has one more surprise for her husband-to-be (it’s a big one!).


Forgiveness is on the horizon

It’s been one year since Annabeth Wheeler and Eric Neilson have seen each other; their relationship ended with shouting and tears, and they never thought they’d speak again. They’re now back at Open Skies for the wedding and to see if they can move past Eric’s betrayal. God knows Annabeth wants to, but they have to work through a few things… and Eric’s heart is still the heart of the matter.


Danger is around the corner

Maria Torres’ whole life is turned upside down when Dillon Saunders comes blasting in to Open Skies, all bad-ass attitude and bad-boy vibe. Turns out, her half-sister Gabi has seen something that she definitely shouldn’t have – and now both women are in potential danger. Dillon demands that Maria come back to Denver with him to hide, but the timing couldn’t be worse. She has a wedding to plan and anyway, she doesn’t know this guy. She isn’t even sure that she likes him very much. If only he wasn’t so damn hot, in a gruff, growly kind of way.


Love and life. Both are unpredictable - and at Open Skies right now, both are at risk.



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