Fighting Hard

Book #1

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Nick Spencer has a pretty great life: hefty tips from hot women at the bar, lots of devastating flirting and come-ons, followed up by sex with no strings. Quick, casual, easy, gone with the sunrise – that’s his life and that’s how he likes it. Until the night that Mia Ferris walks in to the bar. Nick doesn’t know it, but this night is going to change everything.


Mia’s a writer, an optimist, a woman who speaks for those who have no voice. When her casual night out goes frighteningly wrong, it’s Nick who saves her. He stays with her, brings her home, and puts her in his own bed. To his utter shock, he finds himself attracted to this sweet, tough, smart woman.


When her newest book takes her in to the dangerous world of sex trafficking, Mia’s sure that she can take care of herself. But then she ends up in a deadly situation, alone and terrified. Can Nick get to her in time? And if he does, will Mia be able to recover from the betrayal of people she trusted… including Nick?

Fighting Strong

book #2

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When Katie Lloyd finds out that her stepfather is dying, she’s determined to get to him, no matter what. Thwarted by transportation problems and challenged by bad weather, she ends up having to accept help from the one person she can’t imagine being trapped in a car with on a five-day road trip: Adam Pierce. He’s huge, muscled, arrogant and ferocious, and Katie and Adam have done nothing but argue since the moment they first laid eyes on each other. But desperate times call for desperate measures… and Katie is desperate.


Adam may admire Katie’s talent as a photographer, but she’s also the most frustrating and stubborn woman he’s ever met. When an accident reveals Katie’s shocking dark past to him, Adam changes from aggressor to protector. No matter what it takes, he’s resolved to get her home to face the man who made her childhood a living hell. And then, afterwards – if Katie will let him in and close – Adam wants to be there to help her pick up the pieces. In the bedroom and outside of it.

Fighting Love

book #3

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Reena Mackay has just been taken advantage of – yet again. This time, the result is that she’s out several thousands of dollars and may have nowhere to live come this weekend. So when Adam and Nick introduce her to Mitch Corrigan, a pro athlete who trains at their club and who’s desperate to move out of the roach hotel he’s stuck in, Reena agrees to live with the tall, muscular, ferocious kickboxer.


Mitch is a man with a rough past, a man who’s almost at the top of a violent profession, and who has a thing for leggy, dark-eyed brunettes. Nobody is more surprised than Mitch himself when he develops a burning attraction to delicate, blonde, blue-eyed Reena: the primal part of him longs to slay a dragon for her, save her from a dark knight, sweep her up in his arms and carry her back to his castle.


But Mitch knows that this is real life, not a fairy tale, and women like Reena never go for guys like him. What he doesn’t know is that Reena understands true brutality and violence all too well; that her continuing faith in people is actually an astounding act of courage; that in her own way, she’s as strong as he is.


When a golden Prince Charming hurts Reena badly, it’s Mitch who’s there to make her feel safe again. But is that enough for her to be vulnerable with another man – especially a man like Mitch? And if she does let him in, will Reena and Mitch get their happy-ever-after (or even happy-just-for-now)?

Fighting History

book #4

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Two years ago, Maggie Branson walked in on her boyfriend having sex with another woman. Maggie dumped him on the spot and never looked back; she had no intention of ever laying eyes on his cheating ass again. But now she has no choice and needs to accept a commission from him. She decides to do the damn work, collect her sky-high fee, and get away from him, as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, he seems to have other ideas…


Two years ago, Joe Carlisle was an arrogant, womanizing dickhead - and now he knows it. When Maggie finally agrees to do the sculptures for his new restaurant, he sees this as a second chance with the woman that he shouldn’t have let get away, as an opportunity to show her that he’s changed. Unfortunately, she has no interest whatsoever in offering him anything… least of all a shot at redemption.


When tragedy comes in to Maggie’s life, it’s Joe who’s there to hold her hand and pull her through the darkness. But is that enough for her to forgive all the history between them? Should she try again with Joe; could she try again with Joe? Or are some things just not possible to forgive, or forget?

Fighting Back

book #5

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This is the last book in the ‘Fighting For Love’ series and it’s all about happily-ever-afters for everyone! Well, not at first, and the HEA’s don’t come easy for anyone.


Mia Ferris and Nick Spencer are struggling to get Nick back on two feet after him losing part of his left leg to amputation – then they struggle to reclaim their relationship, outside of the bedroom and inside of it. If they can stick together and talk to each other, they may have a chance at making it… but will Nick let Mia see him so vulnerable?


Katie Lloyd and Adam Pierce are struggling to get pregnant – then they struggle with the knowledge that Katie’s abusive childhood has quite probably stolen that dream away from them. Adam wants to be a father more than anything on earth, and if Katie can’t give him that, will they be able to stay together?


Reena MacKay and Mitchell Corrigan are delighted that the trial is over – but now they’re struggling to allocate the two million dollars that Reena has received in the court judgment. As she discovers, there’s no shortage of women and children who need that kind of support. She has some hard decisions to make… and if she chooses well, she can really help to change lives.


Maggie Branson is still struggling with the death of her mother, and Joe Carlisle has made it his life’s mission to pull her through this dark time. God knows, Joe has lots to make up to Maggie… yes, he cheated on her years ago, but he insists that he’s a new man. But is it true that once someone’s a cheater, they’re always a cheater? Or is Joe truly committed to Maggie – all the way?


Eight individuals, four couples, and far, far too many emotions, dramas and problems. With this much that can go wrong, can anything be expected to go right? With this much strife, can anybody truly expect an HEA?


Oh, hell, yeah. Yeah, they can.


If they’re willing to fight for one.