Open Skies

Book #1

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Cool, professional, and always in control, Julie Everett’s perfect New York life is rocked when she inherits a Colorado horse ranch from her late father – a man she’s never known. Then one horrible Monday takes away her job, fiancé, and choices, and she gets on the plane to Open Skies Ranch. After all, a quick sale would be ideal…


When Jake Weston hears that the spoiled daughter of his former employer is coming to accept her inheritance, he’s furious. What does a city party girl know about horses, or running a hotel, or anything at all? With every muscled inch of his body, he’s determined to give Julie a hard time, and punish her presumption and arrogance.


Jake soon realizes that what he’s heard about Julie doesn’t add up, and he decides to find out the truth. What he doesn’t expect to uncover is a vulnerable woman, looking to be loved for once in her life. Their passion sizzles hotter than anything either one has ever known before - but can Jake convince Julie that loving him is safe?

Open Arms

book #2

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It’s been one month since Tamara Jenkins was attacked in an alley in New York. She’s at Open Skies Ranch with her best friend Julie Everett, in an attempt to regroup and recover. But it’s not going well, to say the least: Tammy barely eats or sleeps, and all of the sass and spark has faded from her violet eyes.


To everyone’s surprise, Rob Cathay is the only person who can get through to her. Muscular, handsome and kind, Rob is fighting a mighty attraction to Tammy. Despite his raging desire to rip off her clothes and take her to his bed, anything that he wants must come second to what she needs.


Tammy knows that she must recover the memory of her attack before someone else gets hurt. But that means facing down her demons, and making peace with something primal and dark that refuses to leave her be. Can Rob help Tammy move past her trauma and take comfort in his arms? And can she teach him to embrace his passionate, wild side?

Open Eyes

book #3

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Vicky Thompson has secrets – big ones, and lots of them. She knows it’s wrong of her to start working at Open Skies and not tell anyone the truth, but she doesn’t have a choice. It’s not just herself that she’s protecting. All she’s asking for is a chance… just one chance to start again.


By contrast, Phil Dobson is nothing but totally open and honest about where he’s come from: he’s known neglect and violence and alcoholism, but he’s built a new life for himself. He’s steady and strong and stable, and he always knows when someone is hiding something. And Vicky is hiding a lot.


As their attraction builds, Vicky is torn: if she gives in to her desire, shouldn’t she tell Phil about her past? But if she tells him all the things that have happened and that she’s done, she’ll surely lose him. Or maybe – just maybe – he’ll understand and want to protect her. But what if even Phil can’t keep her safe from the human monster who hunts her?

Open Heart

book #4

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Three years ago, Annabeth Wheeler’s husband Cam died in a car accident. Since then, she’s forged a career writing about grief and coping with loss. The problem is that Annabeth isn’t actually coping very well. She’s coping so badly, in fact, and feels like such a fraud that she has decided to end her own life. She goes to Open Skies Ranch to prepare her third book for publication, knowing that once it’s done, she’ll be free to end it all.


Three years ago, Eric Neilson was shot in the chest and told that his only hope was a heart transplant. He beat the odds – and he’s now at Open Skies to meet the wife of the man whose heart is now beating in his chest. He only plans to see Annabeth, shake her hand, maybe have a casual coffee. He certainly has no intention of telling her who he is.


On Annabeth’s last night, she asks Eric to stay and make love to her: she needs to do one last life-affirming thing, to feel alive just for a little while. Eric is resistant, but he knows now that Annabeth is not really healing or moving on, and stays with her to offer comfort. What neither of them count on is developing real, strong feelings for each other.


As they begin to fall in love, Eric grapples with the knowledge that he must tell her the truth. But if he does, won’t he lose her forever? Or maybe Annabeth will find it in her heart to forgive him… maybe it’s possible that together, they will both finally have a happy ending?

Open Life

book #5

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This is the last book in the ‘Open Skies’ series and it’s all about happily-ever-afters for everyone! Well, for almost everyone…


Love is in the air

The time is fast approaching for Julie Everett and Jake Weston’s wedding. It’s kind of incredible to think that these two once despised each other, isn’t it? But life is all about surprises – and Julie has one more surprise for her husband-to-be (it’s a big one!).


Forgiveness is on the horizon

It’s been one year since Annabeth Wheeler and Eric Neilson have seen each other; their relationship ended with shouting and tears, and they never thought they’d speak again. They’re now back at Open Skies for the wedding and to see if they can move past Eric’s betrayal. God knows Annabeth wants to, but they have to work through a few things… and Eric’s heart is still the heart of the matter.


Danger is around the corner

Maria Torres’ whole life is turned upside down when Dillon Saunders comes blasting in to Open Skies, all bad-ass attitude and bad-boy vibe. Turns out, her half-sister Gabi has seen something that she definitely shouldn’t have – and now both women are in potential danger. Dillon demands that Maria come back to Denver with him to hide, but the timing couldn’t be worse. She has a wedding to plan and anyway, she doesn’t know this guy. She isn’t even sure that she likes him very much. If only he wasn’t so damn hot, in a gruff, growly kind of way.


Love and life. Both are unpredictable - and at Open Skies right now, both are at risk.