Enemy Within

Book #1

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When Emma Cartwright gets some very (very) bad health news, she handles it in just about the last way that anybody who knows her would expect. Namely, she heads out alone to a bar on Friday night, intent on having her first-ever one-night-stand. A single night of escape with a scorching guy, and then she’ll focus on her treatment and recovery. After all, what’s one night, really?


Ever since coming back from Afghanistan two years ago, Dean Jessop’s life is all about ‘just one night’. No commitment; nothing permanent; nothing long-term. He meets Emma and one night of hot sex later, she sneaks out of Dean’s place while he sleeps – and they both think that’s it. Neither expects to see the other ever again.


A month later, a chance encounter brings them back in to each other’s lives. They strike an agreement which includes: casual sex only, nothing too personal, and they can end it anytime with a single word. What Emma and Dean don’t count on is developing strong and real feelings for each other, despite Emma hiding her disease and Dean running from his guilt.


When Dean finally tells Emma what happened in Afghanistan, she wonders if she can confess her own dark secret. But can she really expect him to forgive her for hiding her illness from him? If she tells him the truth, will he be there for her through it all? And can she help him make peace with his own demons?

Enemy Outside

book #2

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Gorgeous Olivia Jameson truly has the quintessential supermodel life: fame, fortune and fans. The problem is that one fan is having some serious trouble with respecting boundaries – and has crossed over the line in to stalker territory. When his obscene and frightening texts escalate and he ends up standing in her living room, Olivia turns to Dallas for protection.


Dallas Foreman is a large, muscular, tattooed ex-sniper who now runs his own bodyguard service. Olivia asks for his help and he doesn’t hesitate for even an instant; he has had a thing for her for years, after all. Although he’d love to take her to his bed and make love to her until she forgets her fear, his priority is to keep her safe. So Dallas resolves to keep his hands off Olivia… at least until the stalker is caught.


When Dallas starts to suspect that the person threatening Olivia is far closer to her than anyone originally thought, he races against time to figure out who among her trusted circle wishes her harm. But when the stalker hurts the woman that he loves, will Dallas be able to save her without losing the most human part of himself? And if she comes out of this alive, will Olivia be able to trust in anyone ever again – including Dallas?

Enemy Mine

book 3

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Six years ago, Jennifer Sawyer survived a hellish experience. Despite it all, she’s managed to get her life back on track: she owns a successful restaurant, she has good female friends, and she’s found ways to enjoy her life. But no men; no men, not ever. Well, except for Chris. He’s the first man that she’s trusted since, and even he isn’t allowed to touch her. But when Jenny decides that she’s ready to explore sex surrogacy as part of her recovery, the list of men’s names to approach for help is short. It’s exactly one name long, actually.


Chris Brooker is a former Ranger, now working as a mechanic for a guy with motorcycle club connections (well, maybe). Chris is in love with Jenny and has been for a while, but he’s never so much as touched her baby finger. He may not know exactly what happened to her, but he knows it was bad. When she asks for his help, he’s torn between wanting to do anything at all for Jenny to make her better, and his instinct to do anything at all to avoid scaring her.


Slowly, carefully, Jenny and Chris fight together for every inch of intimate ground that can possibly be gained. As time passes, their relationship changes, but is she ready for that? Will she ever be ready for that? And if she is, will Chris be the man that Jenny can turn to… not just for support, but for love?

Enemy From The Past

book #4

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Katherine Lawrence is a woman who has set up her whole life to make sure that she doesn’t officially exist anywhere. She has a packed suitcase by her door, she changes her hair color every two weeks, she never shares anything from her past. When Kat’s forced to spill her secrets to a group of ex-Rangers and an ex-sniper, it’s Jim who’s tasked with keeping her safe… and keeping her away from the bus station.


Suspicious, surly and secretive in his own right, Jim Alden has the strongest urge to strangle Kat for her refusal to trust him – and he also longs to kiss her until her knees give out from under her. When Kat’s past is revealed, Jim fights like hell to convince this tough, exasperating, hurt woman that he can protect her, and that she can stop running for the first time in years.


But sometimes the past doesn’t stay there; sometimes the past doesn’t stop looking for you. When Kat’s past threatens her present – and the lives of her friends – she’s ready to run straight in to a future full of fear and loneliness. Can she stay this time, though? Can she be safe and cherished? And can Jim convince her to stay with him… in his life and in his bed?

Solid Muscle

book #5

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Twelve years ago and in one fell swoop, Hunter Sullivan lost everything that meant anything to him. Since then, his life has been about work and detachment and keeping his distance. He had his chance at love and a good life, and he failed to protect it… that’s his punishment and that’s OK. Or it was OK – until he met Cordelia at work. Suddenly, no matter how many walls Sully throws up around his heart, she brings them down with a single shining, perfect smile.


Cordelia Patton has a tough life: she’s a single mother, her son is ill, she works full-time. But by far her biggest challenge still lies ahead of her. When her boss sends her and Hunter undercover as a married couple to bust a child kidnapping ring, she has to stomp down hard on her desire for the coldest, most distant and shut-down man she’s ever known. After all, Hunter’s made it clear that he has no interest in her…


Alone and depending solely on each other, Sully and Cordelia try to keep work and personal feelings separate. But when they break the kidnapping ring wide open and one criminal gets away, they’re both in danger – the kind of danger that may once again take away everything that Sully has come to love.

Solid Steel

book #6

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Nine weeks ago, Selena Perez voluntarily underwent a double mastectomy to save her life. Despite it being her choice (well, kind of), she's now struggling with her body image and her femininity. The last thing that she needs is a man, even if he is dark, dangerous and devastatingly sexy... and will do anything to get her.


Three years ago, Luke Rhodes lost his left hand in Afghanistan. Now, he barely thinks about it as he goes about his daily life as a cook and bartender at Dangerous Curves. After all, he has most everything that he wants... everything except Selena.


The depth and breadth of their passion takes them both by surprise, and Selena surrenders to Luke completely. What she doesn't know is that Luke is hiding something from her. Well, not something - someone. Worse, this someone threatens to destroy all of Selena's belief in the man that she's trusted with her body - and her heart.

Solid Heart

book #7

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Five years ago, Doctor Francine Cabot left Canada, looking for a new start. She moved to Denver, and she now dedicates her life to helping women and children move beyond trauma that they’ve suffered at the hands of men. She’s smart, and strong, and has more than a hint of sass – and all of that makes her undeniably attractive to two men. One is safe and steady; the other one most definitely is not.


Mark Hayden is a former trauma doctor, former battle surgeon, now a bodyguard and Number Two at Solid Security. He’s dedicated his life to protecting and helping others, and he makes it his mission to step in between danger and anyone threatened by it. He’s interested in Francine – every inch of his muscular, hulking frame is interested – but she’s in someone else’s sights, too. Someone not nearly as safe as Mark, someone who wishes her serious harm.


When Francine disappears in to a blizzard, taken by a man that she helped to put in jail years before, Mark’s instinct is to find her at all costs. As Mark races against time, his search for the woman that he loves will mean pushing his boundaries, both personal and professional. If he blows past those boundaries, and he takes a life out of revenge and rage, will he be able to come back to himself? And if that lonely mountain cabin becomes Francine’s final resting place, will he even care if he never comes back?

Solid Gold

book #8

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John ‘Griff’ Griffin is a man who plays by the rules – always and forever. No exceptions, no extenuating circumstances, no way and no how. This was his attitude in the navy and in the SEALs, and it’s his attitude now as he works as a bodyguard at Solid Security. No straying outside the lines, no getting creative with protocol. Definitely no crossing boundaries where the subject of a honeypot op is concerned. After all, staying safe in dangerous situations is all about staying in control – and Griff knows first-hand that life is full of dangerous situations.


What he doesn’t know is that in his life, the most dangerous situation by far is Claire Worthington.


A spoiled, selfish rich bitch who helped her ex-husband run a billion-dollar Ponzi scheme, Claire is hiding out from the press and angry former investors. Except – she’s not living like a woman with a massive escape fund stashed away in offshore accounts. She’s also not living like a woman with one foot out the door. No, she’s living her life in Denver like… she means it. Like she’s happy. Like she’s starting again, but humbly and on her own terms.


When Griff decides to break his own rules and fall for Claire, it’s the best, most liberating decision that he’s ever made. It’s also the riskiest, seeing as he’s lying to her about everything: his name, his job, the fact that he’s been sent to get close to her and gather information. If he told her the truth, would she forgive him? Should she forgive him? And what if she’s a criminal on-the-run after all? Will Griff care? Or will he turn on and turn in the woman that he’s come to love?