Extreme Curves


Ten years ago, Liam ‘Spider’ Valance’s eyes first met Ace Cuddy’s in the worst possible place in the world: The Fallen Angels motorcycle club bar. Ace’s club, surrounded by Ace’s one-percenter MC brothers, who’d kill them both in a heartbeat if they knew that Liam and Ace were gay.

Three years later, Ace was tapped as club Vice-President, and he ended things with Liam to keep them both safe. He walked away from the only person who really, truly knew him and loved him, and returned to a life of hiding and lies. Ace made that choice, and he made sure that Liam hated him for it… and Liam did. He still does, mostly.

But now Ace has royally screwed up, and his life and Liam’s are both in grave danger. The solution? For them to be stashed together in a safe house, until the coast is clear… much to Ace’s delight, and Liam’s disgust.

Ace sees this as a second chance with the man that he should never have left; Liam sees it as his personal definition of hell. Ace wants to make things right, any way that he can; Liam just wants Ace to go away. Now.

Is there such a thing as a second chance romance? A second chance at living the right life? A second chance at figuring out who you are, and who you love, and who you want to be?

Ace thinks so, and he’s going to fight like hell for all of those chances, and more. He’s ready to fight for everything.

Even if his biggest opponent is the man that he loves more than his own life.

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