Gentle Curves


Four years ago, Miranda Campbell, née Kane, walked away from Shane MacIntyre, the only man that she’s ever loved. It wasn’t her choice – she did it to keep him from getting brutally killed – and it wasn’t easy. Since then, she’s worked to rebuild her life alone and looking over her shoulder. When she runs into Shane and he demands an explanation, Mirrie knows that time has run out and she needs to tell Shane everything: why she ran, what she’s afraid of, who she is… and who she was.

Shane ‘Mac’ MacIntyre is a man who doesn’t take anything seriously except for his job. Not women, most definitely not relationships. The only woman he ever loved left him without a word and since then, his life is a revolving door of one-nighters. When Mirrie reappears, Mac fights to make it safe for her to come back to him. But even as Mac willingly faces down the monsters that almost destroyed Mirrie, he doesn’t know if he’ll survive them. And if he does, he doesn’t know if Mirrie will ever forgive him for taking such a horrible, stupid risk.

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