Hard Curves


Meet Naomi Abbott: a former successful painter, she now runs a non-profit art program for autistic adults. She’s intelligent, and beautiful, and kind. Oh, and she’s also an alcoholic in her first year of recovery. Naomi’s working on many tough things in her life – things that can knock the breath out of her body at just a thought – and the last thing she can cope with right now is romance. A man would upset everything she’s trying to accomplish… especially that man.

Meet Matt ‘King’ Kingston: a hulking, scowling, muscular ex-Marine who has a garage with clients that include MC members, and who runs some shady special-ops group. He’s gorgeous, and generous, and sex on legs. Oh, and he’s completely and totally in lust and love with Naomi. Despite his best efforts to get close to her – hell, she won’t even accept a simple dinner invitation! – she’s holding back for reasons he can’t begin to comprehend. But King isn’t a man who takes no for an answer… and he’s determined to get Naomi to say yes.

As they get to know each other, Naomi finds herself wondering if she can trust Matt with her deepest, darkest secrets. As she lowers her walls and starts to let him in, Matt helps her heal and believe in herself – and in him. But when Naomi goes into a tailspin, will she find the inner strength to get through it in one piece? And if she comes back to him, will King’s love still be there waiting for her?

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