Lush Curves


Annie Matthews is (in decreasing order of attractiveness to the opposite sex): a too-curvy redhead now going gray, a waitress in a greasy spoon diner, a single mother, and pushing fifty. She’s resigned to being alone, and is instead celebrating her children’s lives and successes, their relationships and careers. What she is definitely not doing is thinking about a hot young doctor who says her name the way that she’s always wanted it said, who brings a touch of glamor and color to her boring life.

Doctor Sam Innis has been in love with Annie since he laid eyes on her three years ago. She has no idea, of course, and when an accident brings her back into his E.R., Sam isn’t going let her get away again. She’s his light and his life, his princess in his personal fairy tale – and nothing is going to keep them apart this time.

Well – nothing except an evil witch, a sweet pea, and a quest that demands bravery, honor, and sacrifice. A pretty tall order for the modern world… is it too tall for Annie and Sam? Or will they fight dragons and despair and claim their happily-ever-after?

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