Open Eyes


Vicky Thompson has secrets – big ones, and lots of them. She knows it’s wrong of her to start working at Open Skies and not tell anyone the truth, but she doesn’t have a choice. It’s not just herself that she’s protecting. All she’s asking for is a chance… just one chance to start again.

By contrast, Phil Dobson is nothing but totally open and honest about where he’s come from: he’s known neglect and violence and alcoholism, but he’s built a new life for himself. He’s steady and strong and stable, and he always knows when someone is hiding something. And Vicky is hiding a lot.

As their attraction builds, Vicky is torn: if she gives in to her desire, shouldn’t she tell Phil about her past? But if she tells him all the things that have happened and that she’s done, she’ll surely lose him. Or maybe – just maybe – he’ll understand and want to protect her. But what if even Phil can’t keep her safe from the human monster who hunts her?

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