The Devil’s Scars


Six years ago, Zoe Parish fled Denver, declaring to never again have anything to do with motorcycle club guys. A horrifying, horrific experience in a bar back room showed her that they’re lower than scum, and Zoe swore to never trust one of those animals to get close to her again. But that was before she became responsible for a baby girl and before her oldest friend, Wolf Connor, President of The Road Devils MC, begged for her help. Wolf promised her that his club was ‘out of the life’, and that she’d be completely safe… and so Zoe has returned to Denver to work with one of the Road Devils’ businesses. She’s wary, angry, defensive, untrusting, suspicious. And not even slightly open to a romantic relationship with one of Wolf’s boys – no matter what her treacherous, traitorous body does when Scars’ eyes meet hers, or when he touches her.

Vic ‘Scars’ Innis is a club man, through and through. Loyalty to the Road Devils MC has been the one constant in his life for the past twenty-two years, and that loyalty has made him Vice-President of the club, second-in-command of men that he thinks of as family. He’s content, mostly, but knows that something (someone) is missing. The minute that he sets eyes on Zoe Parish, in that too-short skirt and her blonde curls all pulled up tight, he knows, he just knows, that he’s been waiting for her. But she seems to hate everything that he is, everything that he stands for – when she’s not naked under him, writhing and begging for more, that is.

The push and pull between them turns both their lives and hearts inside out, and brings out both the best and worst in them. When an enemy burns their lives to the ground and threatens to take Zoe’s baby away forever, Scars and Zoe have to go back to square one in so many ways – but are there ways that will make them stronger? Or will this time be the time that ends them, for real and for good?

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