Dark Curves


Eight months ago, Warren ‘Derby’ Kane took a wrong turn. He set foot on a dark, twisted road without really understanding what he was doing, and now his life is messed up beyond all belief and recognition. Trapped as a patched-in member of The Fallen Angels MC and hell-bound by the orders of the club President, Warren’s on a road to nowhere, speeding to a dead end. What he doesn’t know is that that road is leading him to somewhere – or rather, to someone. It’s leading him to the one person who will make his life worth living… assuming that he can convince her to not hate him.

Six years ago, Shaylene Alcott blackmailed her way out of the clutches of The Highway Hellions MC, and since then, she’s fought like hell to build an existence as far from the outlaw biker world as possible. When she’s kidnapped by The Fallen Angels and stuck all alone in a cabin with Warren, her worst nightmare comes to life. She hates and fears anything and everything to do with depraved, violent monsters like him… now if she can only convince herself that Warren actually is a depraved, violent monster.

When Warren and Shay realize that they have far more in common than they ever thought possible, they realize a few other things, too… most crucially, that they’ve been given a chance to choose their own lives for the first time in a long, long time. But will they choose to be together, always on the run from The Fallen Angels? And if they do make that choice, how long will it be before the demons of the past come knocking, looking for revenge and restitution?

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