Enemy Mine


Six years ago, Jennifer Sawyer survived a hellish experience. Despite it all, she’s managed to get her life back on track: she owns a successful restaurant, she has good female friends, and she’s found ways to enjoy her life. But no men; no men, not ever. Well, except for Chris. He’s the first man that she’s trusted since, and even he isn’t allowed to touch her. But when Jenny decides that she’s ready to explore sex surrogacy as part of her recovery, the list of men’s names to approach for help is short. It’s exactly one name long, actually.

Chris Brooker is a former Ranger, now working as a mechanic for a guy with motorcycle club connections (well, maybe). Chris is in love with Jenny and has been for a while, but he’s never so much as touched her baby finger. He may not know exactly what happened to her, but he knows it was bad. When she asks for his help, he’s torn between wanting to do anything at all for Jenny to make her better, and his instinct to do anything at all to avoid scaring her.

Slowly, carefully, Jenny and Chris fight together for every inch of intimate ground that can possibly be gained. As time passes, their relationship changes, but is she ready for that? Will she ever be ready for that? And if she is, will Chris be the man that Jenny can turn to… not just for support, but for love?

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