Four years ago, Keegan Sinclair returned from Afghanistan a very different man: after a rescue operation gone tragically wrong, Keegan was left with one leg, a heaping pile of rage and regret and no sense of what to do with himself next. Hard work and sheer will have brought him to the place that he is now – successful business owner, loving son, brother and uncle, physically strong and healthy – but still alone. One night, by chance and a miracle, he meets Trish and decides to try – yet again – to see if a woman can look past what he is missing and see all that he is.

Trish Montgomery is a woman who is in the process of rebuilding her whole life, not altogether successfully. She’s survived her brutal childhood, she’s moved beyond her alter-ego Thalia Flame, and she’s (finally!) working a job where she can keep clothes on. But Trish has a secret – more than one, really – and she’s still paying for the mistakes of her past; it’s one bill that just never seems to get settled.

Trusting themselves and each other is a tall order, but they decide to try and to share their truest selves a bit at a time, piece by piece. But when the worst of Trish’s past comes roaring into their present, Keegan is left reeling and wondering if he actually knows anything real about the woman that he loves. Can Trish close the door on her dark past and its monsters for good this time? And if she does, can she convince Keegan that she is the woman that he thinks she is… flaws and all?

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