Open Arms


It’s been one month since Tamara Jenkins was attacked in an alley in New York. She’s at Open Skies Ranch with her best friend Julie Everett, in an attempt to regroup and recover. But it’s not going well, to say the least: Tammy barely eats or sleeps, and all of the sass and spark has faded from her violet eyes.

To everyone’s surprise, Rob Cathay is the only person who can get through to her. Muscular, handsome and kind, Rob is fighting a mighty attraction to Tammy. Despite his raging desire to rip off her clothes and take her to his bed, anything that he wants must come second to what she needs.

Tammy knows that she must recover the memory of her attack before someone else gets hurt. But that means facing down her demons, and making peace with something primal and dark that refuses to leave her be. Can Rob help Tammy move past her trauma and take comfort in his arms? And can she teach him to embrace his passionate, wild side?

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