Open Life


This is the last book in the ‘Open Skies’ series and it’s all about happily-ever-afters for everyone! Well, for almost everyone…

Love is in the air
The time is fast approaching for Julie Everett and Jake Weston’s wedding. It’s kind of incredible to think that these two once despised each other, isn’t it? But life is all about surprises – and Julie has one more surprise for her husband-to-be (it’s a big one!).

Forgiveness is on the horizon
It’s been one year since Annabeth Wheeler and Eric Neilson have seen each other; their relationship ended with shouting and tears, and they never thought they’d speak again. They’re now back at Open Skies for the wedding and to see if they can move past Eric’s betrayal. God knows Annabeth wants to, but they have to work through a few things… and Eric’s heart is still the heart of the matter.

Danger is around the corner
Maria Torres’ whole life is turned upside down when Dillon Saunders comes blasting in to Open Skies, all bad-ass attitude and bad-boy vibe. Turns out, her half-sister Gabi has seen something that she definitely shouldn’t have – and now both women are in potential danger. Dillon demands that Maria come back to Denver with him to hide, but the timing couldn’t be worse. She has a wedding to plan and anyway, she doesn’t know this guy. She isn’t even sure that she likes him very much. If only he wasn’t so damn hot, in a gruff, growly kind of way.

Love and life. Both are unpredictable – and at Open Skies right now, both are at risk.

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